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Thread: Experts please review my addon

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    Default Experts please review my addon

    Pretty basic, just grabs the name of the property class if available in the URL string.

    What I'd like feedback on is if I'm handling the $_GET['pclass'] in the proper way. That is, is that the correct way for an addon to access the url string?

    function pcf_display_name()
    	global $conn,$config,$lang;
    	$sql='SELECT class_name FROM ' . $config['table_prefix'] . 'class WHERE class_id = ' . $c[0];	
    	while (!$rs->EOF)
    	return $display;
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    Default Re: Experts please review my addon

    That looks like it should work..

    If you have PHP error reporting turned-up all the way (and you should when developing), you'll probably get PHP NOTICE errors for not checking if $_GET['pclass'] exists and/or contains a value before assigning it to a variable. It is also usually a good idea to assign GET variables with default values in case a check fails.
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    Default Re: Experts please review my addon

    Oh, it works just fine, and yes, I've included a check with isset. Just needed to check if that was the correct way of grabbing the $_GET parameter in an addon.

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