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    Exclamation Warnings add-on


    - version 4.0.1 - released at Nov,18/2009 (only available updating using the "Add-on Manager")

    #. What is this Addon for:
    This add-on display at the index ADMIN page, only for ADMIN user logged,
    warning messages about server configurations and other settings not recommended
    by Open-Realty.
    This Addon were tested with a clean installation of Open-Realty version 2.5.7
    Actually this add-on is checking:
    - if "magic_quotes_gpc" is set as "ON" at your server
    - if "openssl" is enabled at your server
    - if "MBString" is enabled at your server
    - if "mod_rewrite" is enabled at your server, required for Search Engine Friendly URL's
    - if you have a ".htaccess" file to be used with Search Engine Friendly URL's
    - if you changed the default password for the admin account set at installation
    More "checks" may be included in the future.
    There is a Feature Request to implement this add-on at the Open-Realty core so
    if it becomes true, this add-on will not be useful.

    #. Installation:
    Create a directory named "warnings" inside your "addons" folder and unpack the
    "zip" file inside the new directory ("warnings"). Be sure you will not end with two
    directories named as "warnings".
    If you wish to modify the "style" of the messages, change the add-on stylesheet
    at the CSS folder ("addon_warnings.css" file).

    #. How to use this Addon:
    Insert the add-on tag {addon_warnings_show} at your main.html (ADMIN site
    template folder) where you wish the warning messages to be printed.

    #. Unninstall:
    Use the "Add-on Manager".

    #. Download:
    Download the add-on at the Open-Realty Add-ons Website

    Have fun!

    - the "zip" file attached at this thread is version 4
    - you can always use this URL to download the latest version of this add-on: http://ebmarques-addons.googlecode.c...s/
    Last edited by ebmarques; 09-17-2010 at 01:26 PM. Reason: version 4.0.1 - released at Nov,18/2009

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