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    In the past I have displayed examples of CSS templates, including a port of the vertical-menu template. I have now organized several of these templates at: using the PHP template switcher and will be adding additional templates. Others are also welcome to feature their CSS designs and templates at

    There are many reasons to design with standards, but if you are like me you probably find yourself annoyed by such things as frames, java, flash, and javascript. In the "show off" forum we frequently find web authors who are fascinated by frames, flash and scripts. These authors may be unknowingly designing for a single browser or audience and in effect limiting accessibility and usability.

    In advocating standard's compliant, CSS/xhtml I hope that some of these limiting attitudes will change. I know it is not enough for a site to be standard's compliant, it also needs to be attractive. I, and hopefully others, will be adding templates, built with CSS and xhtml, that duplicate and surpass the look and feel of rollovers, menus and other features common to java, flash and javascript but without the inherent limitations on accessibility and usability.

    Unless otherwise stated, the code and templates are free to take and use as you please.

    The template switcher used at the site is described at:

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    most of the effects that people are using as well are completely odd to.

    i know exactly how you feel. most of these people that are making these websites hardly have an idea of how to properly deal with webstandards.

    i actually think most of them are graphic designers or just out here to make a quick cent.

    as most webmasters that are out here know dealing with webstandards is a really hard task when you first switch away. At first you have to limit yourself because you dont fully understand the concepts. as you start to get the concepts you get used to it more and more and eventually you end up making sites that are way better than any javascript, frames, or an other garbage sites while using less bandwidth and speeding up the web.

    your visitors will thank you, your client will thank you, and the search engines will also thank you with a higher rating.

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