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Thread: {next_prev} tag for blog_index.html template.

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    Default {next_prev} tag for blog_index.html template.


    Tested at SVN. Rev. 2531.

    At i just modified the function "disply_blog_index".

    PHP Code:
    function disply_blog_index(){
    $config['basepath'] . '/include/');
    //Load the Core Template
    require_once($config['basepath'] . '/include/class/template/');
    $misc = new misc();
    $page = new page_user();
    $config['basepath'] . '/include/');
    $blog_functions = new blog_functions();
    // Make Sure we passed the PageID
    $display '';
    //TODO Make limit configurable
    $sql "SELECT blogmain_full,blogmain_id FROM " $config['table_prefix'] . "blogmain WHERE blogmain_published = 1";
    //ORDER BY blogmain_date DESC LIMIT 5;
    $recordSet $conn->Execute($sql);
            if (
    $recordSet === false) {
    $num_rows $recordSet->RecordCount();
            if (!isset(
    $_GET['cur_page'])) {
    $_GET['cur_page'] = 0;
    $limit_str $_GET['cur_page'] * $config['listings_per_page'];
    $recordSet $conn->SelectLimit($sql$config['listings_per_page'], $limit_str);
            if (
    $recordSet === false) {

    $page->load_page($config['template_path'] . '/blog_index.html');
    $blog_entry_template '';
            while (!
    $recordSet->EOF) {
    $blog_entry_template .= $page->get_template_section('blog_entry_block');
    //Get Fields
    $id $recordSet->fields['blogmain_id'];
    $full html_entity_decode($misc->make_db_unsafe($recordSet->fields['blogmain_full']), ENT_NOQUOTES$config['charset']);
    //Start Replacing Tags
    $blog_title $blog_functions->get_blog_title($id);
    $blog_entry_template $page->parse_template_section($blog_entry_template'blog_title'$blog_title);
    $summary_endpos strpos($full,'<hr');
    $blog_entry_template $page->parse_template_section($blog_entry_template'blog_summary'$summary);
    $blog_entry_template $page->parse_template_section($blog_entry_template'blog_author'$blog_author);
    $blog_entry_template $page->parse_template_section($blog_entry_template'blog_comment_count'$blog_comment_count);
    $blog_entry_template $page->parse_template_section($blog_entry_template'blog_date_posted'$blog_date_posted);
                if (
    $config['url_style'] == '1') {
    $article_url 'index.php?action=blog_view_article&amp;ArticleID=' $id;
                }else {
    $url_title str_replace("/"""$blog_title);
    $url_title strtolower(str_replace(" "$config['seo_url_seperator'], $url_title));
    $article_url 'article-' urlencode($url_title) . '-' $id '.html';
    $blog_entry_template $page->parse_template_section($blog_entry_template'blog_link_article'$article_url);

    $next_prev $misc->next_prev($num_rows$_GET['cur_page'], "",'blog',TRUE);
    $display .= $page->return_page();
    And the blog_index.html Just insert {next_prev} tag.

    HTML Code:
    <div class="blog_entry">
    	<div class="blog_date">{blog_date_posted}</div>
    	<div class="blog_title">{blog_title}</div>
    	<div class="blog_summary">{blog_summary}</div>
    	<div class="blog_story_link_line"><a href="{blog_link_article}" class="blog_story_link" title="{blog_title}">{lang_blog_read_story} &gt;&gt;</a></div>
    	<div class="blog_entry_footer">
    		<div class="blog_byline">{lang_blog_post_by} {blog_author}</div> 	<div class="blog_comments">({blog_comment_count}) {lang_blog_comments}</div>
    Now is displayed based at listings_per_page configuration.

    [ ]´s

    ...a blind padawan...

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    Default Re: {next_prev} tag for blog_index.html template.

    Very helpful. Thanks!

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    Default Re: {next_prev} tag for blog_index.html template.

    Thanks for this. Has anyone figured out a way to now sort in descending order and to limit the number of posts on each page? I see the way it was done before is commented out and if it is uncommented an error occurs.

    //ORDER BY blogmain_date DESC LIMIT 5;
    Thanks for any help on this.

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    Default Re: {next_prev} tag for blog_index.html template.

    Ok I played around with it a little bit and figured out that you can limit the number of pages by editing the following:
    $limit_str = $_GET['cur_page'] * $config['listings_per_page'];
    $recordSet = $conn->SelectLimit($sql, $config['listings_per_page'], $limit_str);
    if ($recordSet === false) {
    Change "$config['listings_per_page']" to the number of posts you would like on each page be sure to change each instance of the variable.

    Now to change the descending order you just have to ad "ORDER BY blogmain_date DESC" to the end of this code:

    $sql = "SELECT blogmain_full,blogmain_id FROM " . $config['table_prefix'] . "blogmain WHERE blogmain_published = 1";
    When you are done the line of code will look like "$sql = "SELECT blogmain_full,blogmain_id FROM " . $config['table_prefix'] . "blogmain WHERE blogmain_published = 1 ORDER BY blogmain_date DESC";

    I am just learning PHP and Open-Realty but this did work for me hope it helps someone else.

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