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Thread: Mobile Templates

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    Following up on this from the other forum, same topic.

    I see now that you are making this as a browser detector / CSS selector addon essentially. Now that I can say is a good idea.

    I'd be glad to help with what I can, as in the past some of my projects worked directly around handheld design.

    I have a collection of link and style info. for template developement right now. No true templates made for specific media devices though at this time.

    Let me know if you're interested or where I might be able to assist.

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    Eduardo if you'd be so kind, I'd love to see this code also.

    Thought I would share the attached html file for reference.

    There is lots of css and html reference, feel free to add to this and repost.

    I could suggest one for sure, it is great for web design and would also work nicely for handhelds.

    Perhaps use call out boxes for sections such as forms or featured listings, use lightbox or jQuery to expand to full screen, the effect would be similar to launching and navigating and app on iPhone or other.

    I use device central too, great program. Been a while, perhaps a revisit to open my eyes =D
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    To the thread subscribers, here is a link IMO worth reading:


    Open-Realty® DOCs
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    Id love to help too!

    Ive designed some templates for Iphone / BB

    www dot coldwellbankercur dot com is one for the BB / Iphone

    Ive designed for standard mobiles aswell however it was using a tomcat module that translated the custom markup into WAP html, but ive just taken a look at the W3C - WML tutorial and it looks fairly straightforward so if you want any help let me know.

    For blackberry, i found this app


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    I'm working on an iPhone template. Will incorporate it in to OR and will share
    with the crowd as soon as I'm done.

    Here is a demo:

    I know this is not an OR site but I will be using a similar template.
    The only thing I am having difficulty is switching the templates automatically
    based on the iphone / browser. Anyone have any ideas?
    OR Rulezzzz

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