OR Version 2.5 and up, Version for latest Joomla Cms realty OR

listingeditor, provides a chained select in the add listing admin page and the listing editor page if you wish to use it there.

It is available in 2 versions
Basic at 30 euros does as above

Full Version at 50 euros

Has switches in the config file that allow you
1. Tabbed interface if you want to use it
2.To pull information from the zipdist table if you have populated it, such as lat and long, and place this in the listingsdbelements.
3 To interface with the contact db if you have pbflash's contact + installed, giving various message log functions, including a tab in the listingeditor that shows all messages related to that listing, enquiries, send to a friend whatever.
Also three or four links in admin fot admin to see enquiry logs send to a friend, general enquiries or all mail. Agents can only see mails relevant to them and their listings.
Works off a slightly modified version of the ajaxcombo chained selects with option for up to four fields chained.
Can be tried on http://www.betterlets.com/listed/admin
Can be tried on http://www.betterlets.com/listed2/admin

log in as listed pass listed on both sites.

contact me through rob@betterlets.com to buy.
If you are joomla cmsrealty user try here http://betterlets.net/ login as above.
Then add listing. Will put another demo on joomla to show other features.

If you use a listing editor replacement like the pbflash paypal addon, contact me, I have a modified, stripped down version, that just fires in the add listing side and then goes on to whichever edit listing url your addon procduces *** Tell me first so I can make sure it is set up for your existingaddon**

Full instructions in addon. for normal OR users,