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Thread: Show listing with "beds" query

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    Default Show listing with "beds" query

    Hi, I make a navigation bar on the search result page that allow visitor to search again with numbers of bedroom(bed), the source is like this:

    PHP Code:
    <a href="{baseurl}/index.php?state={listing_field_state_value}&city={listing_field_City_value}&beds=4&action=searchresults&pclass[]=">+4 Beds</a>

    a href="{baseurl}/index.php?state={listing_field_state_value}&city={listing_field_City_value}&beds=5&action=searchresults&pclass[]=">+5 Beds</a>

    COLOR="DarkRed"]<a href="{baseurl}/index.php?state={listing_field_state_value}&city={listing_field_City_value}&beds&gt;=5&action=searchresults&pclass[]=">+6 Beds</a>[/COLOR
    The problem is, the "+6 Beds" isn't working, please help me..

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    Default Re: Show listing with "beds" query

    <a href="{baseurl}/index.php?state={listing_field_state_value}&city={ listing_field_City_value}&beds=6&action=searchresu lts">+6 Beds</a>
    You don't need to include 'pclass[]=' in your link if you are not going to give it a value. You also had 'beds=5' in your example and I think you intended 'beds=6'.
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    Default Re: Show listing with "beds" query

    Hi, I intend to show all listing that have beds more than 5 ( >5 ), but i don't know how to write the codes..thanks

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    Default Re: Show listing with "beds" query

    I think your code should be
    <a href="{baseurl}/index.php?state={listing_field_state_value}&city={ listing_field_City_value}&beds-min=5&action=searchresults">+5 Beds</a>
    if you wanna see all listings with at least 5 beds.

    And the_sandking is right, you don't need pclass if you don't use a value with it.Ofcouse, if you have more listings types that can have 5 beds, than you should use pclass aswell.
    Suposing you pclass for apartments is 1 and for homes is 3 and you wanna look for homes with at least 5 beds, than your code should be:

     <a href="{baseurl}/index.php?state={listing_field_state_value}&city={listing_field_City_value}&pclass[]=3&beds-min=5&action=searchresults">+5 Beds</a>
    to extend a bit .. if you wanna find homes with at least 3 beds and max 6 beds , than just put in your query &beds-min=3&beds-max=6

    Hope that help'd.

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    Default Re: Show listing with "beds" query

    I've tried it and it's working..Thanks

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