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    This is a very simple mod to the include/ The pictures show what it does after the mod. Be sure you backup your file before making this change. Hacks to the core files are not recommended.
    It shows the current classes when modifying a class.
    Before mod

    PropertyClassInc before mod.jpg
    after mod

    PropertyClassInc after mods.jpg
    After line 325 ($display .= ' <input type="submit" value="'.$lang['submit'].'" /></fieldset></form>'

    add the following:
    $display .= '<table align="center" class="admin_property_class_table">';
    $display .= '<tr>';
    $display .= '<td><strong>'.$lang['property_class_id'] .'</strong></td><td><strong>'.$lang['property_class_name'] .'</strong></td><td><strong>'.$lang['property_class_rank'].'</strong></td>';
    $display .= '</tr>';
    $sql = 'SELECT * FROM ' . $config['table_prefix'] . 'class ORDER BY class_rank';
    $recordSet = $conn->Execute($sql);
    if (!$recordSet) {
    } while (!$recordSet->EOF) {
    $class_name = $misc->make_db_unsafe($recordSet->fields['class_name']);
    $class_id = $misc->make_db_unsafe($recordSet->fields['class_id']);
    $class_rank = $misc->make_db_unsafe($recordSet->fields['class_rank']);
    $display .= '<tr><td>'.$class_id.'</td><td>'.$class_name.'</td><td>'.$class_rank.'</td><td></td></tr>';
    $display .= '</table>';

    This edit will remove the add/modify links and works better-
    Last edited by REC; 01-13-2010 at 09:13 AM. Reason: Remove add/modify links and work better


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