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Thread: Finished of translating into arabic

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    Default Finished of translating into arabic

    These files is for Arabic language for Open-Realty v2.5.6...It is not complete it is about 98% I found it on external hard disk as a backup I'll try to complete it but I'm busy these days in my exams and I'll release translation and modification on template files...
    I think no one interested on my work I'm didn't found any feedback on my last post I'm spending a lot of time in translating and resolving a lot of things... :(
    I'll release soon some files and modifications and I'll write new topic about how to install it correctly with Arabic language.

    Ahmed Jadelrab.
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    Default Re: Finished of translating into arabic

    keep up the good work , u deserve a pat on ur back , i will be looking forward to learn the installation process of arabic lang files .... see u

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