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Thread: Submit button on searchpage missing

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    Default Submit button on searchpage missing


    I edited the searchpage the way I wanted than i lost all the code. When I did it all over again the "Search-button" seams to be missing.

    The page:

    My code for search_page_default:

    HTML Code:
    {lang_no_results_save_search_link_text} {lang_no_results_save_search}
    <h1>Search listings</h1>
    <fieldset><legend><font color="red">STEP 2 of 2 - {browse_all_listings_pclass} or specify your search below</font></legend><br>
    <table class="form_main" border="0">
    <tr><td><strong>{lang_text_search}</strong></td><td> {full_text_search}</td></tr>
    <tr><td> </td><td>{show_only_with_images} {lang_show_only_with_images}</td></tr>
    Thanks for helping me out.

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    Default Re: Submit button on searchpage missing

    It's missing because you don't have it in your template. You're also missing a hidden field that is required on the page. Look at the search page template from one of the included OR templates to see what is missing.

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