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Thread: Midwest Florida MLS Planet Realtor and the photo problem

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    Default Re: Midwest Florida MLS Planet Realtor and the photo problem

    My pictures from the mls listings are linked to their media server. I'm not using any vendor but wrote my own script to pull the data from the RETS server.
    At first I tried to download the pictures but it was just too much data and very time consuming. So I decided just to link the pictures and it works just fine.
    However, some core modification was necessary for the serch result page (thumbnails) and the listing detail page

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    Default Re: Midwest Florida MLS Planet Realtor and the photo problem

    I have a photo system inplace using the MFR data feed.
    Lee Forbes PA

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    Default Re: Midwest Florida MLS Planet Realtor and the photo problem

    I had a client who needed something similar (import properties from the XML feed on an agent's site), and we originally planned to hotlink the images for the reasons mentioned in earlier posts. In practice, we found the site went unusably slow as it had to separately request the images (like 10+ seconds to load the search results page).

    So our solution was to add image downloading to the update process, but simply make sure it only downloaded images not already on the server (compare list of agent's current properties with those on the feed, then add new ones and erase old ones). By running the update process at night too, we found this worked fine.

    However, if you're using a LOT of listings, I would recommend this:

    Create a new thumbnail/imagelist tag and make it check if there are local images for this listing. If not, hotlink to the remote copies. At the same time, run an Ajax request to an action in your addon which will download the picture(s) to the server and register it in the database (using Ajax will make it asynchronous so it doesn't interrupt the user's experience by slowing the page).

    This way, the download process is spread out so it doesn't take your site offline for a few hours as it downloads, and it also means that your site only downloads images that the users want to view. So for less popular searches, it may only ever need to download thumbnails (to show the results page).
    - Chris Denyer
    Denyer Admin Ltd
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