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    I would like to edit the "Home Features" and "Community Features" text fields and maybe remove them and add them myself in a different format.

    I would also like to add my custom image bullets in place of the black dots in the list for these fields.

    This link will show you my green custom bullet for the lists and where the "Home Features" and "Community Features" text is above each respective section that I want to tweak.

    I would ultimately like to fully custmize the way this array is displayed.

    I am customizing listing details and other aspects of OR and checking out add ons.

    Open Realty has grown quite a lot and kicks butt!



    Moved to template help as this shouldn't require core file changes.

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    Default Re: Home & Community Features LIST & Header

    You can change the way it is displayed by editing the css. If you look at the lazuli template, it uses checkboxes in the list. You could use the same css and just change the image file that is used for the list.

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    Thanks pbflash!

    I pulled the components I wanted out of the lazuli template css and badda bing!

    Works great!

    Thanks again!

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