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Thread: Multi OR site synch?

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    Default Multi OR site synch?

    Let's say I have 5 OR sites each working independently. I want to create an additional site that would have all the listings in the aforementioned 5 sites. Is there a way, or an add-on, that could help me synchronize? Or is there a way that I can use an XML file created by a chron job that I can import in?

    I know there are add-ons that produce XML files for Trulia, Zillow, etc. but would like to have one that can import to OR.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Default Re: Multi OR site synch?

    I think I should have put this thread in General Help...

    MOVED - to add-on help and discussion.

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    Default Re: Multi OR site synch?

    I am also very interested in using this feature.

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