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    Hey guys! Im using OR to create a private website that will function as follows:
    Admin will create users for investors to view property lists (sorted by pclasses). Admin will send investors with links to search result pages for the properties they will be considering.

    My main.html requires a login to view the site, once you are logged in you are free to browse, however I don't have any buttons that will lead you anyplace other than the search results and corresponding listing pages.

    I've included a logout button in the case that a viewer will be using a public computer of just feels better logging out after viewing the property list. However, when logout is clicked, OR redirects to the index page. So when you enter your login details again, you are viewing the home page, rather than the search results page that was sent to them. Because I've stripped the site of navigational buttons, you cannot get back to the specific search result page.

    Is there a way to keep users at the same page they were viewing when they click logout, just without passing the {check guest} permission tag so the login box reappears?

    Thank you!!

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    If the description of my desired functionality isn't clear, let me know and I can try to rephrase it! Thanks!

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