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    Hi, I', working on a front page search where I need to make a searchable box for listing id, which is to be included in the main search form.

    Heres the problem, if i create a search string which goes:

    index.php?price-min=&price-max=&state=Moon&searchtext=&action=searchresults&p class[]=

    it works fine, but when I add the listing_id call into to the string it gives me the no results page.


    any ideas where im going wrong here?

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    Default Re: Front page search form

    Ola blink.

    You talk about two types of search, by "searchable box" and by Listing ID, so, Separate the forms, like:

    HTML Code:
    <!-- Search by Listing ID -->
    <form action="index.php">
    <input name="action" value="listingview" type="hidden">
    Search by Listing ID:
    <input size="4" name="listingID" type="text">
    <input value="Search" type="button" onclick="submit();">
    <!-- You custon Searchable field options -->
    <form action="index.php">

    ...a blind padawan...

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