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    Open-realty is probably used by a lot of people...some not so trustrwothy?

    Do I need to do anything (besides change defalut password) to protect my files from ingenious hackers?

    Since there is a standard layout of files/dirs can someone who knows (or even doesn't know) the layout navigate ftp or web URL'ing and corrupt my system?

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    Your files can't be modified without access to the server, ie logging into FTP with username/password or having root access, or by gaining access through some security vulnerability in software on the server.

    There is nothing special you really need to do, just make sure you're with a good, quality host that knows what they are doing and there shouldn't be any problems.
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    OR when setup according to its installation instructions is secure assuming the hosting account is secure. There are presently no known script vulnerabilities.

    You should speak with your host if you have concerns regarding best security practices for your hosting account there.
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