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    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to manage my users.
    I have created a couple 'agents' and tried to upload pictures.
    One agent I uploaded a picture and it set as the agent's picture.
    I was able to add a caption and some oter stuff. Now when the agents are viewed, her picture is there.

    when I view the agents i dmin, her picture is in 'managee pictures'

    Whe I tried to do the same thing for another agent, the upload appeards successful, but there is no image. I go to one of the sub-dirs with ftp, and the one agent's picture is there with an automatically created thmbnail.

    But none of the pictures I have uploaded for the other agent are shwing up in open-realty admin or in the sub-dir where user images are.

    I have tried several times and I can not figure out what is wrong.
    I hve not reached my file space limitations, and I don't think I've reached any other limitations...where should I be looking fo rthe problem?

    Thanks all

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    I solved it once befoe in a different user, then forgot I fixed it....
    open-realty has file-size limits...I guess to prevent agents from consuming all the disk space...good idea...

    But I forgot. I uploded a smaller image...and now no I guess I'll have to rescale my images before uploading them.

    The art side of me wants hi-res, the manager size says save space!

    So we save space. I'm not that good looking anyway! (lol)

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    Default Re: user management

    there are a lot of tricky little things to remember to test and re-test.
    What works for one, may be a differrent problem for another user.

    I was testing my user email routing...what could be easier you say. that's what I thought. 2 hours is summary:
    I sent a message to each of my users, they were configured with correct email addresses. all set. Yet one user was not receiving the message sent.

    Over and over I sent a new message, and asked the user to hit send/recieve, but no message. I thought, check your junk messages.

    What in the world is going on...I thouht 'there must be a bug somehow in the open-realty system'; but all the others worked.

    Last shot, I logged on to the email host (hotmail) and checked to see if it was arriving...nothing...162 messages in junkmail so I looked, and there it was at the top.

    So here is my question. It may sound like a hotmail question but it isn't really. Does anyone know why the message was in hotmail junkmail, but not in the outlook junkmail after send/receive? and here is the open-realty part...does this same phenomenon occur on other email hosts?

    Answering both questions would be cool, but I'd be happy knwoing the answer to just the second.

    I'll post after making sure, but is there a way as admin for me to broadcast an announcement to all my users?

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