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Thread: My first site

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    Default My first site

    Hello all,

    I hope to get some feedback. Just about finishing my first Openrealty website. I don't have a lot of experience with css/xhtml and PHP and it probably shows.

    I used the UMP patch because the client requested a multilingual site. I did change a bit on the core template.

    I used quite some addons: the calendar, chain link addon, paypall addon (still needs configuration), transparant maps and also the FLV addon (still needs integration)

    And thanks for the help btw.

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    I like it very much. I would give you position #9 at the top ten UMP Websites.
    Still need to fix 130 errors to validade XHTML Strict and also 68 errors on CSS level 2.1
    My screen resolution is 1920px so your image background is not repeating nicely.


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    Hi, how did you this max. price? Is it possible to manage this within admin?

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