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Thread: New Agent Verification Problems

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    Question New Agent Verification Problems

    Hello all,

    I have the option enabled to email admin when a new agent registers, and for admin to approve them.

    I have had 3 sign ups in the last 24 hours, but the link is mal formed and the id has been the same each time.

    The format is'12'

    Because of the quotes, it does not bring me to the correct user, it brings me to my own edit details page.

    Can anyone offer some guidance?

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    Default Re: New Agent Verification Problems

    Wich Open-Realty version are you running?
    Please send me by Private Message this file from your installation: ../include/


    Open-Realty® DOCs
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    Default Re: New Agent Verification Problems


    I am getting the exact same problem running OR 2.5.7

    The link in my notification email has quotes around the user id -


    I have looked at ../include/ but can't see a solution.

    Any ideas?

    Muito obrigado!

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    Default Re: New Agent Verification Problems


    ref OR 2.5.7

    to find the problem you will need to open
    Then search for:


    there you will find it will be showing in two places.


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