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Thread: Listing page field display problem

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    Hi There,
    I've scripted up a template that works ok apart from one problem. My google map function doesnt work if the description has a newline in it. I am passing {listing_field_full_desc_value} into the javascript that generates the map, however I think I need to check that string and escape it or something to get it to display nicely.
    Any clue as to how I can do this? Site with page including working map is here :
    Comments are welcomed.

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    Pardon me saying so but this seems a bit redundant given that the full description is at the top of the page. Why not add a field to the listing template called short description and use a paragraph without newlines. Other than that you are going to have to write a script or an include to pull the string {full description} apart and replace linefeeds with some character that the google javascript will understand or accept.

    good luck

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