This might be simple but its got me bugged. I am using a modified city lights template. I have searched the css for screen and style and indeed done a search of all files in the OR release. I managed to find the class for the buttons on the search results page. However I cannot find the css class for the refine search "submit search" button or the css class for the class search "search listings" and "view listings" buttons.

The "save this search" and "refine search" buttons on the search results page were colored silver in the style css which is #eodfe3 yet there is nowhere else in the style sheets or any other file where this is mentioned. The style of the buttons that I cannot change are silver outset block and silver inset block, they are exactly the same as the ones that i managed to find and yet changing the code on the css changes the search results buttons but does not change the others.

Any body want to help me find the button?