Trying to find someone who can assist me in making sure my installation is correct. I get bad 40 errors and other weird things when I installed both the CMS Realty and Open realty.Need to hire somne to help me set this up so I can begin to work with both platforms. Will also eed some form of IDX or broker reciprocity services as well but will be for multiple MLS boards.

Can you IDX two or three boards ito one database. Is there a way to make sure it scrubs duplicates? Need the system to be able to separate both residential, commercial and business opportunities. Also need for lease as well as for sale in both catagories. Would like to build listing service as well so people may post their rentals, and other properties for sale on the system.

I also want to see if I can use the castillo joomla template with this integration.

Need some professional assistance and would like some recommendations on programmers others have hired as well.

Thanks really need some help as it is frustrating not being able to use my site and add listings.

Look forward to some replys.

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