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Thread: Missing fields in Agent Template Editor

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    Exclamation Missing fields in Agent Template Editor

    Can anyone help a newbie?

    I am running city lights latest with OR 2.58 and using i.e.8. Whilst inputting data in the Agent Template Editor I seem to have lost ( see image below ) the 'Edit' , 'Add Field' and the 'Set Field Order' buttons.

    I had just entered the following :
    <a href="http://localhost/open%20realty/index.php?action=page_display&PageID=4"target="new "><u>Terms and Conditions</u></a>

    in the 'Field Name'. The result is as below with the 'Field' drop down menu listing:'info', 'phone', 'mobile' and 'Add Field Set Field Order' at end of list.
    If anyone can point out how I can get my buttons back I would appreciate it. And yes, I have looked all over the forum and documentation and saw nothing that could help me.

    Thanks All

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    you broke it! ;-)

    Having html code in the field name field will break xhtml compliance and give badly formed HTML markup causing the browser to not know how to render the page.

    Basically, in the form drop down menu code you now have an html link coded in there where it is not allowed which is breaking the rendering of the page in the browser.

    You'll have to edit the field name directly through phpmyadmin (or another database tool) and change the name back to something normal.
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    Default Re: Missing fields in Agent Template Editor

    That made me laugh Mick

    Yes thanks, that worked a treat.

    Thanks again, appreciate it.

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