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    regarding open realty

    1- How the agent will differ from the other users for signup and login
    2- Can users add their ads
    3- Can I implement paypal for users to pay for ads and which exactly the addon you suggest
    4- I uploaded the fckeditor and made the configurations, is there anything else you suggest I need to do
    5- How can I setup Google Maps
    6- are there any addons you suggest


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    1. - your should try Agent login in admin section, they can insert listings. members cant insert listings, only can use add to favorites and save search.
    2. - NO, only agents can insert listings.
    3. - check
    4. - don't know, I don't use editors (if everything works, than you probably don't need to do anything else)
    5. - I suggest you to look/buy transparent tech google maps addon (best one on market at the moment)
    6. - check 3.

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