Hi I have Open Reality set up which you can see on www.oldfortestates.com. I have a new css template which I would like to use so I am thinking that it would be best to set up the OR pages differently.

One can see on my site that currently my website is set so that my index page and other pages are outside of the main OR listings folder, then when one clicks the search tabs on the homepage one is redirected into the OR part of the site. There are a lot of pages in the listings folder which seem to be redundant through this method, (for eg. http://oldfortestates.com/listings/i...splay&PageID=1) therefore I would like to have my entire site more integrated.

To sum it up. You can see two pages, the one on www.oldfortestates.com which is outside OR and the one on http://oldfortestates.com/listings/i...splay&PageID=1 which is inside (both are working but I am using the one outside) and I just don't know how best to integrate this new css template and which steps to take to get it done best.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, QSCH

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