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Thread: Predetermined text with new listing.

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    Default Predetermined text with new listing.

    I am designing a rental website covering a number of different holiday resorts were the customers input there own property details. I would like the listing detail page to show some information about the resort that the customer chooses. So for example if he chose london in his admin the listing page would show a full description of London and all the atttractions like London Bridge, Big Ben etc.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You could do this but you would need first to setup the selection criteria and add all the data for each location that a user will enter a listing for.

    Example. In listing template editoe create a new field called location. Set it up as a list select field and add all info for each choice.

    Then when the user creates a new listing they can select london and a list of info will display on the page in the location set in the template.


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