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Thread: Created my first website for a friend

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    Default Created my first website for a friend

    This is my first attempt at building & hosting a website so it probably isn't nearly as slick as some of the others that I've seen. For the time being though, I'm just focusing on function & will work on features and design as time allows.

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    Looking Good

    However the Search, Contact Us and RSS Feeds buttons go behind the youtube video

    in Firefox. (You will need to adjust the z-depth in css for the menu)

    I would also suggest using a link to the contact form in the Top Contact Us

    instead of using Franks email that way he wont get a lot of spam and then

    you wont need two contact us buttons

    as in <a href {agent_contact_form} "Contact Frank"> (this is not exact please check it your self)


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