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Thread: Search page - want to eliminate a link

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    I have sorted out my search options and everything works fine ([]=&action=search_step_2) but what I want to do is have an option for property type in there rather than have property type as a separate search option.

    At the moment my site has 'Search Listings' on the main page, that takes you to select property type then after selecting for example VILLA you then get taken to another search page to select bedrooms etc. I want to combine the two so that clicking search listings on main page takes you to my search options screen where you can search by:
    Property Type
    Rental Period

    I have been through everything I can see and double checked the Listing Field Editor / Search Page Order as this is where I added my 'Location, Bedrooms, Rental Period' into the search field but cant work out how to get Property Type into there.

    Appreciate any help as usually been able to eventually find my solution but this one now has me stumped


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    OR uses property classes and not types. This is an important distinction because many people will create a "Type" field to further sub-categorize listings within a specific property class. A Residential class might contain types such as Single level, Ranch, and Duplex for instance.

    Hardcode your search page and include a select option for the property class information. Make sure the html form element you use for the classes is named "pclass" exactly or "pclass[]" if the class field on your custom form is a multi-select type.
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    Default Re: Search page - want to eliminate a link

    Cheers mate, gonna have a crack now

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