My new Open Realty 2.5.8 based website at was designed with the intent that it should be able to be accessed by as many mobile phone type devices as possible as well as by standard desktop PCs etc.

I didn't want the complexity of multiple templates dependent on device so I have tried to do this within one template which is exceptionally fluid. I have tried to make it possible to view the site when the browser width is squeezed down something like 300 pixels wide while it is still a reasonable site to view when the browser width is over a 1000 pixels wide. You should be able to see the effect by grabbing the side of your browser and reducing its width.

The top header is composed of 3 pictures. As the width decreases, these slide over the top of each other with the top 2 being transparent. The top one is meant to be a clickable map which should continue to allow the user to get a listing by state/area even when viewed on a browser that is only 300 or 400 pixels wide.

This is still a project under design so I would love to get comments on it. There is such a variety of mobile phone devices that I'm not able to properly test whether the concept is working. Please tell me your opinions. Criticism is welcome.