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Thread: How to mahe to be seen in cp1251 encoding correctly?

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    Default How to mahe to be seen in cp1251 encoding correctly?

    I upgraded from OR 2.4.4 to OR 2.5.8 and everything without a hitch, then I copied my file from my old OR 2.4.4 site include/language /ru folder into my new site include/language/ru/versions folder and renamed it to
    My old site was set to cp1251 and I did the same to my new site in the configuration >> template tab but when I see the front end I see all in Russian except the Russian phrases that are in the file. I tried to save it as ANSI, then as UTF (without BOM) but all in vain. What am I missing? I rack my head and can't think of anything that could remedy the situation. Could anyony possibly advise on this issue, please?
    My data base is set to utf_general_ci but I see some info from the database in Russian. Only the phrases from display incorrectly

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    Default Re: How to mahe to be seen in cp1251 encoding correctly?

    The language files NAME inside the "custom" and/or "versions" folders can have any name - there is no need to rename a file to a specific name. Open-Realty load all PHP files placed inside those folders, no matter wich is the file name.
    I recommend you to place your language files inside the "custom" folder and not at the "versions" folder - so you don't lose them in future upgrades.
    Having language files at the "custom" folder with ALL required PHP variables, you can also delete all files inside the "versions" folder (but don't delete or rename the folders). All files inside the "custom" folder are always going to be loaded AFTER the files inside the "versions" folder so they have "higher" priority.

    You say "Only the phrases from display incorrectly" so we can only assume your file got corrupted. Most probably it happened when you saved the file from UTF-8 to ANSI. As far as I know, there is no way to restore a corrupted file - if that really happened you will need to replace the corrupted file with one from a previous backup. Considering your description for the problem, there is nothing related to "database".
    All your Russian language files need to be encoded as UTF-8 and you shall not change it.
    Anyway, while not seeing your file we will be only guessing.


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    Default Re: How to mahe to be seen in cp1251 encoding correctly?

    I followed your advice and deleted all files from from the versions folder (except higher versions lang files: and and just copied my old 2.4.4 language files without renaming it and voila! it worked. Now I have some unreadable characters (like пїЅпїЅпїЅ) in the page title and the same in price format. I guess they come from site configuration main and numbers tabs and I'll have to correct them by hand.
    Thank you for your advice, Eduardo

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