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Thread: Menu selections don't save

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    Question Menu selections don't save

    I added several pull down menus with data in them to one property class. When you add a new listing you can see the data in the menus but when i select a choice and save the form the data does not save with it. I found some old posts on this but when i click the links i couldn't get to the forums that i think have been closed. Can anyone help, i must be missing something small? I saw some references to it being a lang file issue but i haven't found a solution. Any help would be great, thank you as i now have several property classes with information that won't save.

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    I figured it out finally so i thought i would post the result. I had made a long list of countries and had a carriage return after each one with the II bars in between each line and OR did not like all of the extra spaces so i dropped this long list into word and deleted out all of the spaces and it works fine.

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