We are in the process of evaluating OR for use in a non real estate environment. It will be used to list assets that are available for sale just not real estate. Quite happy with the abilities of the product as it includes almost all of the features that we require.

The one piece that is missing is that we need to allow our users to "claim" an asset much like Zillow does for real estate. Either as part of the sign up for an account or as a feature for an existing account.

We will be preloading a list of assets and displaying basic information but need our users to be able to fill in the remaining details.

Not trying to be cryptic, but I realize that this is a real estate package and we are planning on using it in a non real estate environment and wanted to keep the question as basic as possible.

We didn't see anything that looked right in the add-ons listing or in the forums so figured it was time to ask. We have started with the development process internally but figured we may as well check to see if anyone in OR world would have any insight.