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Thread: Earthling2 - new O.R. 2.5.x template

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    Default Earthling2 - new O.R. 2.5.x template

    Hi all,

    A few days ago i found this nice free css template and i decided to modify it for O.R. 2.5.x .

    So.. this is the result:

    Live preview here.This link will probably expire in about 30 days, since i don't plan to renew this domain.

    About this template:

    Source :
    Name : EarthlingTwo
    Description : A two-column, fixed-width design with dark color scheme.
    Tested : O.R. 2.5.x with IE 8.0.6 and FF 3.6.10
    W3C valid : XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS level 2.1
    Released : 20101017 | 02H:15M (GMT+2)

    Addons included into the pack:

    1. IMAGEHIGHSLIDE ADDON VERSION 1.0 by Gregor Hartmaier
    3. Customize Search Page Field Display by nickCR

    I have made various UNDOCUMENTED modifications to (probably all) the above addons, so if you already have them installed, BACKUP YOUR ADDONS before using the ones included in this pack

    I will provide LIMITED support regarding this template, when and if i have time.

    I have to thank to the authors of the above addons for theyr work.



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