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    Default search by listing_title

    I need an addon that is for searching by listing_title. I am using OR 2.5.8.

    I found an addon a little while ago that searched by listingID (findbylistingID addon) and I have tried to modify it to make it work for listing_title but haven't been successful.

    I am willing to pay a little bit if necessary (I'd like to keep it under $30, if possible). I think for those of you who are familiar with doing addons it would probably be quite easy but I just don't have the expertise to do it myself.

    Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: search by listing_title

    MODERATED - Last warning: Please read the forum usage rules, especially the Work forum rules before posting again.

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    Default Re: search by listing_title

    I found a way to do what I wanted so no need to reply to this post.

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