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Thread: Garbled core files

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    Default Garbled core files

    My ultimate goal is to add an availability calendar and a payment page to the administration template. I've been reading through the forums for ideas on how to accomplish this and I've seen a lot of members make reference to the include files.
    My include files are a little off. They look like this:

    I am wondering if anyone may have experienced this or know why my core files are garbled?

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    Default Re: Garbled core files

    Quote Originally Posted by amylynn View Post
    I am wondering if anyone may have experienced this or know why my core files are garbled?
    Everyone using O-R v.3.x are having the same "experience". The core files are not "garbled" but they are encrypted. O-R v.3.x is not open-source. You cannot modify any core file since the release of v.3.x
    So... nothing wrong!


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    Default Re: Garbled core files

    With OR v3 you need to use the add-on, hooks, and API systems to integrate external or custom features. These are covered in the documentation.

    Hacking the core files is no longer possible, they are all ionCube encoded.

    MOVED - to OR v3 add-on help and discussion.
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    Default Re: Garbled core files

    Thank you,

    This has pointed me in the right direction.

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