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Thread: archiving instead of deleting listings

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    Question archiving instead of deleting listings


    I wish to keep a lifetime record of all listings we ever have on our OR site. So instead of deleting a listing, I wish to hide or archive it.

    This way, it will be invisible from people but we can still access the data on MySQL for our other functions (e.g. I will soon construct a property index based on historical data, and also add a reporting and business intelligence tool which needs to have access to all our historical data).

    How can I achieve it so that when an agent (and we will have very many agents) deletes a listing, it actually hides or archives it?



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    If an Agent deletes a listing it is gone forever. If you instruct them to set it to be inactive instead, the listing is preserved, but not visible to site visitors.
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    Default Re: archiving instead of deleting listings

    Thank you very much for the insights. Wel... I am having hundreds of agents - I cannot tell them to change it to inactive instead of deleted. What, in your opinion, is the best way to disable delete and make it so that making a listing inactive is the only possible action any and all agents can take (only admin can then truly delete)? Either removing the delete option via an add in or making delete instead set to inactive via an add in... what is best way?

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