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Thread: magic_quotes_gpc - Host or Script?

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    Question magic_quotes_gpc - Host or Script?

    I contacted my host (GoDaddy) to have them turn off "magic_quotes_gpc" as I got the following error during installation:

    You have "magic_quotes_gpc" actually set to "ON" at your server while you should have it set to "OFF". Contact your host support and ask to turn it off.
    GoDaddy replied with:

    Thank you for contacting online support. This setting is not one that is on your server but rather within your scripting itself. Unfortunately, because we do not provide coding support, we are unable to determine what specifically in your code may cause this command.

    If you determine there is no issue with the code itself and believe the issue is server related, please reply with specific evidence of this and we will investigate the matter further.
    I googled turning the setting on and off, and the one solution I found was:

    1) In your CPanel's File Manager (or any FTP client), locate the file /public_html/.htaccess
    2) Edit the file .htaccess thru your CPanel's File Manager (or any FTP client) and add the following line at the end of your .htaccess file:

    php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off

    3) Save .htaccess file. You are done!
    This results in a "500 Internal Service Error" when visiting the install/index.php file, and goes away if I remove the line.

    How do I proceed?
    Thanks ahead of time,


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    Default Re: magic_quotes_gpc - Host or Script?

    OR is complaining that PHP's "magic quotes" are turned ON. Magic quotes are an optional and antiquated PHP server setting which is controlled by your host. Your host just needs to set it to OFF (magic_quotes_gpc = Off) in PHP for you. Examples you find on the web for disabling this via .htaccess are not always going to work for all hosts, especially if you are using slowdaddy. You can expect most things you try there to give you 500 internal server errors.

    Just a heads-up, Godaddy is not a good host for running Open-Realty, you may struggle for quite a while getting everything working because the support is so poor. A good host for instance would already know about PHP's magic quotes feature and how to turn it on/off.
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    Default Re: magic_quotes_gpc - Host or Script?

    The value I had to use in .htaccess was

    php_value magic_quotes_gpc off

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