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Thread: question about deleting files

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    Wink question about deleting files

    if i plan on using same templates for each section is it safe to delete the other files?

    i dont plan on using the cms intergration for admin i use the or-small, can i delete that whole folder(cms)

    i plan on always using the listing_detail_default_ can i delete the other 4? tabbed,mainjava,java and slideshow

    just trying to clean up unused files and make it easier to find stuff. Are any of the files listed above needed for anything?

    thanks for your help.

    I think i know what your gonna say "make custom template folder" i am using the lazuli right now and will be carefull at upgrade time about my template folder. I just want to clean it up a little.

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    Default Re: question about deleting files

    You can certainly delete all those files and folders you are not using.
    I would start this way.
    Copy the entire contents of you lazuli to a new folder (yes the name for your custom template)
    Change to this folder in the admin then delete all the other files you believe you are not using.
    Test your website. This way you can make sure you are not deleting any files that may be used.
    Once your testing is complete then you can delete the origional lazuli template.

    Of course make a backup first!

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    Default Re: question about deleting files

    Great thanks. i got home today am my site looks like a mobile site something went wrong reuploaded clean lazuli from download and still looks the same.
    looks like mobile version

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    Default Re: question about deleting files

    Looks fine to me. Sounds like you may have switched to the cms template somehow. Make sure the template selected in the site config is the lazuli, or your copy of it and then clear all of your browser's cache and cookies and then reload the page.
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