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Thread: Delete all listings from a specific agent - how?

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    Default Delete all listings from a specific agent - how?


    Is there a way to delete all listings belonging to a specific agent? By this I mean removing all data from the database and removing any images belonging to the agents listings.

    The agent has 4000+ listings so I do not want to do it manually.

    I'm running CMS-realty, so I can not delete the user through the admin panel - it will cause some problems in the user database in Joomla. Too bad since apparently if you delete an agent in OR all of his listings will be deleted too.

    Thanks in advance

    Daniel Andersen

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    Default Re: Delete all listings from a specific agent - how?

    if you delete the Agent all their listings will be deleted. Otherwise, there is no built-in method in OR to do this. Dunno' why running CMSrealty makes a difference, sounds like a problem.
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    Default Re: Delete all listings from a specific agent - how?

    I do not use cms realty so assuming here but you should still have access to the OR admin screen. typically you are just installing OR and Joomla in seperate folders. go to the Admin for OR directly to delete the user there.
    otherwise you have to do it through the DB. a script could be written or addon to do this.

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    Default Re: Delete all listings from a specific agent - how?

    Thanks for the advice.

    I deleted the user through the OR-admin as you said. Worked just fine



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