I am trying to add a second site to robbenterprises dot com with the domain name natickrental dot com . I have successfully created it but am having issues.

I used these instructions http://support.open-realty.org/showt...ith-IDXManager

but am not actually using idxmanager. I just used the code to enable the second site to utilize the primary.

1. When I go to natickrental dot com/admin , all the links go to my robbenterprises site, is that correct? I assume it is because there is only one database

2. I can not get the template to work on natickrental. I have created a template in natickrental with the same name as my main robbenterprises site (is this the correct way to do this?) It will not show the template unless I use the dropdown menu and select one as a general user of natickrental.

3. All of the links on natickrental go back to robbenterprises

4. clicking a property on natickrental just refreshes the page and does not seem to do anything.

5. help?