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    I've seen a number of posts and replies about rotating featured listings, but none that seem to cover the standard listing_browse.php file.

    We would like to rotate all ads so that every ad gets a fair shot at page number 1 etc. We did manage to get them rotating using the Order by Rand () setting in listing_browse.php.

    It works great when the ads are on a single page. But when you have multiple pages, such as with our rental pages, it doesn't work so well. The first page is fine, but when you go to the next page, it picks another set of random ads, sometimes duplicating ads already seen on page 1. The effect is some ads get shown 2 or 3 times, while others are never shown at all.

    Is it possible to generate a random set of ads, but maintain these results over a number of pages? If not, please put me out of my misery...


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    Default I need this mod too!

    Has anybody done this in their site. I would be great if the listings kept changing everytime the page was reloded. I am sure that there are alot of people out there that would love to have this mod. If you have it, or know how to do it, please post! thank you!
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