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Thread: w3 validation errors

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    Which ones? In general it provides a description of the problem and solution.

    The majority of the errors appear to be due to the use of unencoded "&" in the xhtml markup. In xhtml strict markup, "&" needs to be encoded as "&" unless it is a part of an entity reference in the code. If you find any places where the unencoded & is being generated by Open-Realty then let us know so we can get that fixed in the next release to make it fully xhtml compliant.

    Outside of those errors, just go through each error one by one and fix what it says. Since you are using "Strict" doctype you will have several errors due to some depreciated elements you are using in your template such as the <font> element. You will need to use CSS instead of relying on the font element since it is not valid xhtml strict markup.
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