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Thread: Update to 3.x

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    Default Update to 3.x

    I recently received a notice:
    (Anyone running our company’s old Open-Realty 1.x or Open-Realty 2.x

    releases will need to upgrade. Not only do those versions of

    Open-Realty contain security vulnerabilities but they are not compatible with

    PHP 5.3.)

    I am currently using Open-Realty Version 2.5.3

    What should I do or download so my site does not go down after March 15th?[/B]
    I pay Transparent Tech. my monthly hosting fees...

    Thanks Pberetta


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    Default Re: Update to 3.x

    You may want to contact Transparent Tech as I know they will perform upgrades. I'm not sure if there is a fee involved or not if you are a current hosting customer though but best to ask them through their support system.

    Otherwise, you can get a free license key for Open-Realty 3, download and then upload and install it yourself if you wish.
    Open-Realty 2 Documentation

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    Default Re: Update to 3.x

    Thank you Mick,

    When you updated did you run the installer in the update mode?
    I used the update mode.

    Did you get any errors when you ran the update?
    No error when I updaed, but I had to do it two times, because the first time it updated to 3.0.11 and then to 3.0.12

    Try taking the failed SQL query and running it through phpMyAdmin and see if it gives a little more detailed error message about the query which may help us diagnose your problem.
    I have try has you said, yet the phpMyAdmin with that faild SQL query tells me that every thing is fine and gives me the list of listing.

    Can I downgrade? How to do it with out having more problems?

    Grazie mille!


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