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Thread: License issue.

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    Default License issue.

    My domain is

    A few days ago my site developed an error regarding the ION cube loader. The hosting company corrected that.

    Now, I get a message when I try to log on as administrator 'License is not valid' and a form to enter my license. It offers a key with a prefix 'ORFREE .....' but I do not have a record of what my license key is. I have searched around this site, bumped into a paid support site but cannot find where I can simply get my existing license key.

    Can someone point me to the correct place to request this.

    Thank you,

    Doug Green

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    Default Re: License issue.

    You can log in to your account with Transparent Tech at:

    Once there, you can reissue your Open-Realty license to work with your new server path, IP address or domain name.
    Open-Realty 2 Documentation

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