We have a lot of condos and subdivisions that have different phases and towers. Almost all are encoded something like below:


Majestic Beach Tower 1
Majestic Beach Tower 2
Majestic Beach Tower 3


Palmetto Trace Phase 1
Palmetto Trace Phase 2
Palmetto Trace Phase 3

I want people to be able to type in "Palmetto Trace" into the subdivision and be able to pull all the listings in Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. However, when I set the "Subdivision" field to "Partial Text Match", it does not fix this issue. They have to manually type in "Palmetto Trace Phase 1" or 2 or 3 to get any listings at all. Any clue what's going on?

I am using the latest version of OR (3.0.12).