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Thread: How do you obtain the PageID

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    Quote Originally Posted by millera View Post
    So there's no way to obtain the PageID without having to turn off SEO links? Bummer!
    No, I did not say that.

    The vars are available regardless of if SEO linking is turned on, but your ability to "see" or obtain them with your EYES (from the browser) goes away when SEO linking is turned on. You asked to know what the $_GET var was, I told you how to find it once you finally disclosed what page you wanted to obtain it from.

    I'd suggest reading up on what APACHE's mod_rewrite actually does, and how to obtain $_GET vars from a URL especially if you are going to be building add-ons, or writing code that depends on or has to work with such things.

    I'd also suggest clicking on the link in my signature regarding how to ask questions. There are a lot of people here who could probably help, but most choose not to when the questions being asked are not specific. If nothing else, the content in that FAQ is damn funny and totally accurate.

    Not trying to be difficult, just pointing out what you (and others) can do to get faster help, because you could have had your answer at post #2 and any clarification by post #4.
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    Default Re: How do you obtain the PageID

    #10 helped. Thanks!

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