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Thread: Captcha on Old Registration

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    Default Captcha on Old Registration

    Does anyone know a way I can get a captcha in easily to an old OR running 2.3.6

    If there was an addon released or a imple code implementation i would REALLY appreciate it.
    I have emailed gold old pbflash as his site is down as am sure if anyone figured out it was him

    There are way too many core changes I made to this product that simply updating to a later version would mean a complete rebuild anyway.
    However of course it needs to be dealt with in one way or another, and even if client opts for new site at this point, we'd need this one on for now till launch date.
    thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Captcha on Old Registration

    You need to update to OR v3 before your ancient code gets hacked, the version you have is no longer being upgraded or supported. If you are looking to build things into that old version, you are going to be on your own. If you really want to keep cobbling-together that old site, look at google's reCaptcha, its about the easiest to setup.

    FYI, the flash has been gone for almost a year.
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