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    I just upgraded to version 3 from 1.5 I need a regular printer friendly version of a listing as well as a brochure type version of a listing. I assume the best way to accomplish the brochure is thru an add-on. I can't find any other way to have multiple versions of a listing page. Any suggestions or a sample addon dealing with a listing would be greatly appreciated.

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    I guess what is possible boils down to what exactly you consider to be a "brochure".
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    Sorry if I wasn't clear. It's just a way to provide another/different layout of the detailed listing page, that includes some extra formatting, logos, etc... formatted specifically for print. I need the standard listing with the printer friendly version, a brochure version and a detailed brochure version. I don't know how to provide two or three different layouts for the detailed listing page and access them from the or system. I attached an example.

    I would need a link from the detailed listing page for a printerfriendly version, which I have, and two additional links for a summary brochure and a detail brochure.
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    Dear lgambrell

    I have developed an addon exactly what you are asking. You can have a printer friendly brochure in pdf format. And also you can mail the PDF using the addon. The PDF is templated with an HTML. You can style it as you needed. Let me give you the link to a generated brochure from one of my client's website. Hope you are looking for the same.


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    That looks like it will accomplish what I want. I also need it for an individual listing. How can I get the addon?

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