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Thread: search results on a specific page?

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    Default search results on a specific page?

    My client has OR 2.5.8. Is it possible to have search results display on a specific page so they can serve up relevent advertising and local information? For example, someone search for property in London and we have the results show on pageX_main.html and page X is customised for London info as well as the search results.


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    Default Re: search results on a specific page?

    If you wish to take the user to that specific page FROM the search forms, you need an add-on at the search page to detect "London" and display the additional info.
    If you wish to have a hardcoded and static link to "London" results, just add at the end of your link: "&PageID=X". To make this link SEF enabled, you will need to create a special RewriteRule. Also, while with v.2.5.8 you can have "pageX_main.html" where "X" can be anything - for example: "pagelondon_main.html" and you would make your link as:
    <a href="{baseurl}/index.php?action=searchresults&amp;city=London&amp;PageID=london" title="London Results">London Results</a>
    With v.3.x, the "X" need to be a number and the correspondent page ID need to exist at the "Page Editor".

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    Default Re: search results on a specific page?

    Thanks Eduardo, I'll put a request in the work section and got an idea of the costs for her.


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