1. When I add th following code to sidebar

<!-- bof "search_class_default.html" -->
<!-- bof SEARCH CLASS FORM -->
<div id="search_class_form">
<form action="index.php" method="get" name="class_search_form" id="class_search_form">
<input id="class0" checked="checked" name="pclass[]" value="" type="checkbox" onclick="SearchClassCheckALL()" /><label>{lang_all_listings}</label><br />
<input id="action" name="action" value="" type="hidden" />
<br />
<div >
<input class="or_std_button" id="button_search_listings" name="build_search" value="{lang_search_listings}" type="button" onclick="document.class_search_form.action.value=' search_step_2';document.getElementById('class_sear ch_form').submit();" />
<input class="or_std_button" id="button_view_listings" name="view_search_results" value="{lang_view_listings}" type="button" onclick="document.class_search_form.action.value=' searchresults';document.getElementById('class_sear ch_form').submit();" />
<!-- eof SEARCH CLASS FORM -->
<!-- eof "search_class_default.html" -->
It didnit add values to the form
I men to say that
This literal is not working so please help me as soon as possible.

2. Also I want to add my refine search to sidebar with that I a also facing the same issue so please help me where I am wrong or any kind of other guidance will be appreciated . Please tell me where I am wrong so I can continue with the cod

I am using Open reality free edition 3.1.1 to do a template change in which I am facing above two issues so any kind of help will be appreciated.